5 (Hopefully) Fun Facts

I've loved books since long before I was able to read them myself. Growing up, my world was very small and I was scared to make waves. Books gave me new worlds to explore and allowed me to step into the shoes of characters who weren't afraid to be themselves and take up space the way I couldn't.

Writing a book of my own was always something I wanted to do but it never left the someday list. I had countless notebooks with the beginnings of stories I was never able to finish. As the years went on, I started to wonder if I'd ever have it in me.

And then I went to a concert for my birthday at the end of 2021... I went to see Bowen Young, a duo I'd been a fan of for a while. Clare and Brandon are some of the most genuine people I've met and their music just has a raw truth to it that really gets to me. And get to me they did. There were tears. But it was a night I'll never forget that's honestly still hard to find the words to talk about.

The next week, I was driving home from work and once again thinking about that night. And all of a sudden, I just got this vision in my head of a scene similar to part of what'd I'd experienced and what would become the ending of Suddenly Falling. As soon as I got home, I sat down with my laptop and wrote up a six-page outline. I spent the next eight months working almost constantly, unable to think about little else beside Clare and Oliver and their story. And on September 14, 2022, my longtime dream was finally a reality when Suddenly Falling released.

I want to write books that are not just an escape but that can make people feel seen the way so many books have done for me. I live with chronic pain, adhd, anxiety, and bipolar disorder and I've tried to be open about that side of my life. Some piece of me always ends up leaking into my stories so you can expect my characters to talk about their mental health or other things that make real life hard. I write because the stories won't leave me alone but I just hope that they're so loud because someone out there needs to hear them.