Lauren Brown

I am a new author, currently specializing in closed-door Contemporary Romance. I write what I like to call “rom-coms with feels.” You can expect a balance of banter and fun with a dose of the real world.

When I'm not writing, you'll most likely find me reading or doing some kind of art for my small business.

My debut novel was released on September 14, 2022.

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Suddenly Us Series

Suddenly Us is a series of interconnected standalones following characters who are all connected in some way to a band called Suddenly Us. Each book can be read on its own but the series is best read in order to understand each character's full story. There are four main books and a prequel planned for the series.

Prequel - On the Dotted Line

Available now in ebook, paperback, and audio

Jemma Brooks
The day I've been waiting for is finally here. In a few short hours, the board will announce the candidates with a chance at being promoted to partner. My mentor has promised me I'm on the shortlist to fill one of the three spots and become the youngest partner in the law firm's history. I'm not worried about the competition. At least until the announcement is made and the rules are changed. Now I'm fighting to win a single spot, and only one associate has the skills to beat me. Brandon Stick-up-his-ass Roberts.

Brandon Roberts
Anyone else would be nervous heading into work today, but I'm not just anyone. There's no question I'll be promoted to partner this year, and today's announcement is just the first step. But my perfectly mapped-out plan is thrown out the window when I find out there will only be one new partner this year. I won’t let my reaction to the news crack my well-honed corporate exterior. Inside, however, I'm prepping for a fight with the human tornado with the desk across from mine. If she's somehow gotten it in her head that she can beat me, Lawyer Barbie better prepare to be disappointed.

Book 1 - Suddenly Falling

Available now in ebook, paperback, and audio

Clare Thompson
Imagine that perfect, movie-worthy moment when your eyes meet those of a handsome stranger across the room and you just know you’re meant to be together. Got it? Great. Now imagine the complete opposite. That’s how I met Oliver Brooks, tears and all. But that didn’t scare him away. Oh, no. We clicked instantly, but I’m not looking for love, no matter what that little voice in my head or my nosey roommate say.

Oliver Brooks
I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women since I started playing with Suddenly Us. But there’s something about the woman in the front row one night that keeps pulling my focus from the music. And after she cries through the end of our show, I give in to my fascination and try to cheer her up. I don’t expect to ever hear from her again. But then I do. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her and as I get to know her, it becomes clear that I likely never will.

 Current Series Schedule

Prequel - Available now in ebook, paperback, and audio

Book 1 - Available now in ebook, paperback, and audio

Book 2 - Coming 2024

Book 3 - Expected release in 2025